Dans på roser was founded in January 2008 by L-Jay and Erlend Lunde.  Their small business provides private and group tuition as well as courses in various locations in Tromsø city. In the summer of 2010 we relocated to Alta.

We offer a great variety of dances that will get you moving to any style of music.

L-Jay teaches her students how to DANCE.  She is not just a Swing instructor or a Mambo instructor…

I pride myself on being a dance instructor.  I teach my students dance technique and show them how to adapt it to Swing, Latin and Ballroom styles.  This way students learn much faster as the don’t just become Swing dancers or Mambo dancers but all-round dancers.

Dans på roser offers standard training with proper technique.

It’s great just mucking around and having fun on the dance floor but you also want to learn to dance properly – that’s what you are paying for.  A good teacher incorporates technique and style into lessons, they teach you how to apply your dancing, they invest in you and help you achieve your goals – group lessons are no exception!

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