Må vi danse!

On the first weekend of March, Dans på roser had the opportunity to join the fine people at Bossekop Ungdomslag Alta (BUL) to raise money for new grass for their football pitch.  The two event nights, titled ‘Må vi danse’, featured a ‘Skal vi danse’ competition with local celebrities and International Style dancers.  Dans på roser performed at each opening with a Blues Swing to Mikkel Gaup’s joik.  Argentine tango, belly dancing and folk-swing were some of the other performances on the two nights.

Afterwards, Dans på roser danced the night away to the Vadsø storband with the locals.  During the days, we held Lindy Hop classes to raise money for the cause.  It was certainly exciting to experience the enthusiasm of the Alta-værininger towards Lindy Hop and authentic Swing dance.

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