Zumba® Continues

Since the beginning of the year, L-Jay has been instructing Zumba® for Studentsamskipnaden at Kraft on the UiT campus.  The first season of Zumba® classes has been very successful with maximum attendance and has propelled Zumba® into another season after the Easter holidays.  As the participants of the class are used to working up a sweat, the Zumba® class certainly doesn’t hold back.  The class features Africana movements that engages the whole body, develops control, speed and naturally strengthens the core.  Africana is definitely a high intensity workout.  The class also works with other high intensity styles such as Bollywood, Calypso and Samba.  Next season a whole new array of movements will be introduced to increase agility, speed and fitness.  L-Jay enjoys working with people who cry out for more:

Instructing for people who are friends-to-fitness and eager to work hard in class is fantastic.  It means that I can create an extreme workout to help the participants get the most out of their exercise.  I like to get feedback from the class and this time they shouted ‘more speed, more intensity’, which I am very excited about.  However, I always remind the class that you get out what you put in.  Even the most simplest of moves can be highly intense, it all depends on how much work you put into it.

For next season L-Jay is working on some great choreography for Bollywood, Samba and Africana – some favourites of the class.  For more information about Studentsamskipnaden Zumba® class please go to their website.  They have an online booking system for all their fitness classes.  Sign up early as their Zumba® class gets booked out quickly.

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