Dans på roser offers a great variety of dances that will get you moving to any style of music.

Ballroom Dances
These are dances that travel and glide across the dance floor and which are known for their beauty and elegance.  Ballroom dances use both traditional and modern music.  They are easily adapted to the modern dance floor.

Waltzes - Modern Waltz, English Waltz and Viennese Waltz

Foxtrots - English Foxtrot, American Foxtrot, Argentine Bolero, Peabody and Quickstep

Latin Dances
These are dances that stay on the spot and usually have fast syncopated movements.  It can be thought that Latin dance is only danced to Latin music, however this is certainly not the case – Funk, Disco, Rock and R&B are also popular to dance to.

Classic Mambo & American Salsa

Cha Cha - Latin, Cowboy, Disco Styles

Rumba - Box Rumba/Danzón, Bolero and International Rumba/Rumba Bolero Styles

Samba and Merengue - Bossa Nova and Maxixe/American Samba

American Tango & Paso Doble

Swing Dances
These are dances that stay on the spot, are very casual and have a focus on free-styling.  They have a wide choice of music from Dixie and Blues to Latin and R&B.

Hustles - Swing Hustle, Rope Hustle and Modern Jive Styles

Single Swings - Rock ‘n’ Roll, Bug

Triple Swings - Jive, East Coast Swing

Blues Dance, Couple Charleston/Lindy Hop

New Vogue
Sequence Ballroom dancing developed in Australia – includes Swing Waltz, Tangoette, etc and modern dances such as the Progressive Jive and Groove.

Disco and Hip Hop group dance.  This form of dance developed in African-American communities as an alternative to aerobics.

A fitness program inspired by World Dance such as Salsa, Cumbia, Samba, Flamenco, Bollywood, African, Hip Hop and Reggaeton.

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