Dance Method

Dance Style

L-Jay’s dance style is founded on American Ballroom.  She teaches freestyle couple dancing – where the gentleman leads every step and the lady follows.  This way the couple create a new dance experience every time.  It also enables dancers to dance with any partner.

Teaching Style

L-Jay teaches movement and technique through ‘school-figures’ and then works on  adaptation, improvisation and interpretation for informal social settings.  She encourages her students to ‘look for the dance in the music’ and to be playful and free within the changing dance space.  She prepares her students to dance anywhere to any piece of music.

Her teaching style is easy and fun, and emphasises the ‘why’ to effectively progress learning. Because L-Jay has been professionally trained as a dance instructor she has a strong understanding of the learning process and adapts her teaching for each student accordingly.  Her teaching technique enhances the student’s ability, progression and retention, while nurturing the student’s creativity.

L-Jay’s focus is for her students to get the most out of their dance lessons, to enhance their recreational fitness and to use their dancing for social enjoyment.

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