Abba med damer Success!

Abba med damer was a huge success in both Alta and Hammerfest.  Over 60 ladies from both cities joined forces to create a super choir showcasing songs from the 70s Swedish sensation Abba.  Director Pär Andersson did a fantastic composition that highlighted Abba’s playful lyrics.  L-Jay’s sassy choreography certainly gave the show that extra Disco touch.  The audience was left crying out for more so much so that there were two encores.  The nights both ended all too soon but the crowd left with big smiles on their faces – they had been touched by Abba once again.

Gratulerer til Abba med damer!

Published 23. March 2010 |


Zumba® Continues

Since the beginning of the year, L-Jay has been instructing Zumba® for Studentsamskipnaden at Kraft on the UiT campus.  The first season of Zumba® classes has been very successful with maximum attendance and has propelled Zumba® into another season after the Easter holidays.  As the participants of the class are used to working up a sweat, the Zumba® class certainly doesn’t hold back.  The class features Africana movements that engages the whole body, develops control, speed and naturally strengthens the core.  Africana is definitely a high intensity workout.  The class also works with other high intensity styles such as Bollywood, Calypso and Samba.  Next season a whole new array of movements will be introduced to increase agility, speed and fitness.  L-Jay enjoys working with people who cry out for more:

Instructing for people who are friends-to-fitness and eager to work hard in class is fantastic.  It means that I can create an extreme workout to help the participants get the most out of their exercise.  I like to get feedback from the class and this time they shouted ‘more speed, more intensity’, which I am very excited about.  However, I always remind the class that you get out what you put in.  Even the most simplest of moves can be highly intense, it all depends on how much work you put into it.

For next season L-Jay is working on some great choreography for Bollywood, Samba and Africana – some favourites of the class.  For more information about Studentsamskipnaden Zumba® class please go to their website.  They have an online booking system for all their fitness classes.  Sign up early as their Zumba® class gets booked out quickly.

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Samba Parade 2010

L-Jay is a producer for the No Siesta, Fiesta Latin American festival in Norway.  This year she arranged the most northern Samba parade in the world.  With music, dancing and costumes, L-Jay and her band of volunteers worked hard to bring Tromsø a day of Brazilian colour, sound and joy.  The parade marched in the city streets, through ice and snow, cheering and singing and playing make-shift percussion instruments.  The procession assembled inside Nerstranda shopping centre for a Latin inspired showcase from local dance and community groups.  The day was a huge success and a milestone in the Samba parade tradition.

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Må vi danse!

On the first weekend of March, Dans på roser had the opportunity to join the fine people at Bossekop Ungdomslag Alta (BUL) to raise money for new grass for their football pitch.  The two event nights, titled ‘Må vi danse’, featured a ‘Skal vi danse’ competition with local celebrities and International Style dancers.  Dans på roser performed at each opening with a Blues Swing to Mikkel Gaup’s joik.  Argentine tango, belly dancing and folk-swing were some of the other performances on the two nights.

Afterwards, Dans på roser danced the night away to the Vadsø storband with the locals.  During the days, we held Lindy Hop classes to raise money for the cause.  It was certainly exciting to experience the enthusiasm of the Alta-værininger towards Lindy Hop and authentic Swing dance.

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ABBA med damer!

Sponsored by The Norwegian Choir Association, ABBA med damer is a lively journey through the heart of ABBA.  Musical director Per Andersen has been working with a 50 strong choir of women from Alta and Hammerfest.  Complete with band and film projection the show will certainly be a feast for the eyes and ears.

ABBA without dancing?  Never!  Dans på roser had the pleasure of working with Per Andersen and the choir to create movements and dance that will certainly take the audience back to the 70s.  Be surprised, be charmed and be dazzled!  You don’t need to Take a Chance on these Dancing Queens as by the end you’ll be cheering Gimme, Gimme, Gimme more!

Published 19. February 2010 |


Dans i Alta

(English below)

Vi kan med glede melde om at fra og med helgen nærmest Valentinsdag/morsdag i februar starter Dans på roser opp dansekurs i Alta.

Lørdag 13. februar
Bossekop skole i Alta

Til å begynne med har vi tre nybegynnerkurs:

10:30-12:30 East Coast Swing
12:30-14:30 Waltz
15:00-17:00 Cha Cha

Vi har lagd en ny side spesielt for altaværinger – se “Alta” i hovedmenyen. Denne siden gir deg informasjon om kommende kurs og arrangementer, og du finner også et påmeldingsskjema.

Siden Alta er vårt andre hjem, er vi spent på å kunne bidra til det koselige dansemiljøet her. Vi har alltid hatt lyst til å undervise i Alta, men vi syntes det var best å vente til vi kunne gjøre det til et fast opplegg. Nå som vi har slått oss ned i Nord-Norge er vi i stand til å ta et regelmessig danseprogram med oss til Alta. Vi håper dere altaværinger vil gjøre nytte av dansen vi tilbyr og oppleve danseglede med oss!

Ring Erlend på telefon 959 21 633 for mer informasjon, eller besøk Altasida vår for å melde deg på.

We are excited to announce that from this Valentines/Mother’s Day weekend in February Dans på roser is starting dance courses in Alta.

Saturday 13th February
Bossekop skole, Alta

First up we have three beginner courses:
10:30-12:30 East Coast Swing
12:30-14:30 Waltz
15:00-17:00 Cha Cha

Especially for Altaværinger we have added a new section to the website tagged “Alta” under the categories. This page will provide information of up and coming courses and events, included is an online booking sheet.

As Alta is our second home, we are thrilled to be able to contribute to its cosy dance environment. We have always wished to teach dancing in Alta but felt it would be best to wait until we could make a continuous commitment. Now that we are settled in Northern Norway we are able to bring a regular dance program to Alta. We hope that Altaværinger will take good advantage of our dance offers and experience with us the joy of dance.

For more information please contact Erlend on 959 21 633 or visit the Alta page to make a booking.

Published 30. January 2010 |